One Day School

Would you like to help your child develop greater confidence and positive social interactions with other children? Or perhaps the opportunity to be hands on and outdoors is when learning happens best? Maybe your child is not quite thriving, or mainstream school can be a struggle?

The Forest School – One Day School has become an extremely positive intervention for many children, providing a safe and supportive experiential learning programme for any child aged 5-12 years. We cater for children who have a range of diverse learning needs and our sessions are run by highly qualified educators who are dedicated to supporting your child to learn new skills, develop confidence, build resilience and make new friends.

Please sign up to register your interest for a place at The Forest School.

We will invite you and your child to visit our venue and your child will have the opportunity to attend one of our trial days (held at the end of each term).

Once a place has become available for your child, you will need to seek approval from your school BoT and Principal for them to attend our one day school. We are happy to explain this further at your visit.


$80 (inc gst) per child / per session.

Payments required in full, prior to the start of term.
Cancellation policies below.


Tuesday 9am – 3.00pm
Wednesday 9am – 3.00pm
Thursday 9am – 3.00pm
Friday 9am – 3.00pm


5 – 12 years 

Holiday Club – Into the Wild

Into the Wild holiday experiences operate in line with the NZ state school holidays. These are day programmes – not overnight experiences.

When your child goes Into the Wild they will:

  • Be active in nature all day, getting exercise in the fresh air at our private native forest venue
  • Develop their imagination and creativity 
  • Choose their own forest adventures and play
  • Boost their confidence, self esteem, problem solving and resilience
  • Make lots of new friends
  • Learn new skills
  • Be cared for and supervised by our qualified staff who are all NZ Registered Teachers and Forest School Leaders.


$60 (inc gst) per child / per session.

10% discount when booking a full week.
Payments required in full, prior to the session.
Cancellation policies below.


Autumn / April 16 – 20
Winter / Jul 9 – 20
Spring / Oct 1 – 12
Summer / TBA
Monday – Friday 9am – 3.00 pm


5 – 12 years 

How are these two Programmes Different?

The One Day School draws on the Key Competencies of the NZ Curriculum, The 16 Habits of Mind and supports children to develop their Executive Functions. The educational experiences and opportunities of the One Day School, have a great deal more professional input than the holiday club.

The One Day School is focussed on the long-term growth and development of each of the students. Teachers keep observational notes and meet at the end of each session to reflect, discuss and record 'where to next'.  This ultimately determines the opportunities provided for the following session. The One Day School is an ongoing learning process- each session builds on the one before.

The School Holiday Club is a wonderfully exciting, nature play experience and a great introduction to students thinking about joining the One Day School.



A one time (non refundable) administration fee of $100 Incl GST per child will be payable at time of receiving your child’s application form for the One Day School.

There is NO Administration Fee to join the Holiday Club. 



Holiday Club Cancellations

  • If a Holiday Club registration is cancelled more than 7 days before the start date, you will receive a FULL REFUND less an administration fee of $10 incl GST.
  • If an registration is cancelled less than 7 days before the start date, you will receive a 75% refund LESS an administration fee of $10 incl GST
  • If a registration is cancelled 24 hours or less than the commencement of the Holiday Club or there is failure to attend- NO REFUND will be given. You will still be charged the FULL daily rate.
  • Failure to attend the Holiday Club due to illness, a refund or part refund may be made LESS an administration fees of $10 incl GST. This decision will be made at the discretion of the owner on a case by case basis.


One Day School Cancellations

  • If you or your child decides to withdraw from the One Day School you must give the appropriate notice of two (2) weeks, in writing.
  • If you fail to give appropriate notice before the term commences or withdraw during the term, you will be required to pay two weeks session fees following the date that you give notice whether your child is in attendance or not.
  • If your child is absent due to an illness or injury you will be given one (1) sick day per term in lieu of the absence. No monetary refund will be issued but a One Day School session for the following term or Holiday Club credit will be given. Sick days do not accumulate over multiple terms.
  • If your child is absent due to an outside commitment such as school camp, event or family holiday, no refund, credit or day in lieu will be given. 


A full list of Terms and Conditions can be read here

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