One Day School

Primary School 5 - 12 Year Olds

What would it look like for your child to spend once a week, every week immersed in nature? Maybe you would like to help your child develop greater confidence, resilience or social connections with other children? Or perhaps the opportunity to be hands-on and outdoors is when learning happens best? Maybe your child is not quite thriving and you are looking for a place where your child can truly be engaged?

The Forest School provides an exciting learning space for any child in Primary and Middle School. We have a Primary School programme for children aged 5-12 years and a Middle School programme for 10-15 year olds. If you require further details on the Middle School programme, please go to our Growing Greatness page.

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what does the forest school provide?

The Forest School is a 100% outdoor classroom that provides alternative education, set among 10 acres of native and exotic forest on the beachfront at Hatfields, Auckland. Our research-based programme provides children with the regular opportunity to engage deeply in their play and learning within nature. Students attend The Forest School once per week, every week to take part in experiences and opportunities that are real, purposeful, relevant and empowering. The natural environment provides numerous opportunities to build a rich vocabulary and learn curriculum concepts in an authentic way. Our main focus is on developing human skills such as resilience, communication, problem solving, creativity, and other dispositions and attitudes that our children need, in order to be successful for the future. Our cross-curricular programme is based on UNESCOs Big Four which daily provide; cognitive, active, emotive and introspective learning challenges.

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who is the forest school for?

We have a diverse student roll and our outdoor classroom caters for students who thrive in a more active, outdoor setting. Our strengths-based perspective focuses on the interests and passions of the students which are always taken into consideration when curriculum planning. The Forest School student culture is about responsibility, respect and trust for one another and all living things. This empowers, builds confidence, self-esteem and promotes healthy wellbeing . Students who may otherwise struggle in a more traditional teaching and learning environment, have the opportunity to be engaged with others who may have similar interests and be successful in a new context. Our ratio of 1:9 enables students to work closely with teachers to discover passions, build on strengths and overcome challenges.

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How does it work with REGULAR school?

The Forest School is the first of its kind in New Zealand and works in partnership with state schools and the MOE to support the holistic development of children. The Ministry of Education has advised that every child who attends The Forest School is still considered fully enrolled in their regular school and may be granted permission by their school Principal to attend our One Day School. We will explain this further at your visit. The Forest School is a 100% parent-funded, social enterprise. We do not receive any government or private funding. Parents who enrol at The Forest School are required to pay fees for their child to attend.

Places are limited. Please sign up early to a Try Day to avoid disappointment.