Growing Greatness

Middle School 10 - 15 Year Olds


what is growing greatness?

Growing Greatness is The Forest School Middle School programme for students aged between 10-15 years. We invite students to join us who seek challenge and are searching to develop themselves. If your young person would benefit from developing greater interpersonal skills, build character, gain new technical abilities and grow their leadership potential, then do not hesitate to get in contact. Our small 1:9 ratio and class of just 18, work closely with teachers to develop individual talents, realise new passions, find purpose and unlock potential. Physical, social and emotional wellbeing is supported through a unique curriculum that helps young people not only understand leadership, but most importantly, discover the leader in them.

what are the benefits?

Middle School students are precisely at the age when they are thinking about who they are and who they can become. They are seeking answers to the big questions "Who am I?" "What am I good at?" "Where do I fit?" "What is my purpose?" At this stage, identity, values and passion start to become defined. Growing Greatness is the ideal programme to support your young person to help them find positive and empowering answers to these questions. Our priorities are wellbeing, authentic relationship, collaboration and communication. Our goal is to inspire, coach and provide opportunities for our students to become genuinely active in their learning, self-reliant, respectful, responsible and aware. We understand our learners unique needs and help them to flourish so they can become who they have the potential to be.

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How does it work with regular school?

The Forest School is the first of its kind in New Zealand and works in partnership with state schools and the MOE to support the holistic development of children. The Ministry of Education has advised that every child who attends The Forest School is still considered fully enrolled in their regular school and may be granted permission by their school Principal to attend our One Day School. We will explain this further at your visit. The Forest School is a 100% parent-funded, social enterprise. We do not receive any government or private funding. Parents who enrol at The Forest School are required to pay fees for their child to attend.

Our vision is that learners in Growing Greatness will develop the skills, vision and desire to have a positive affect on their whanau, community, the environment and the world around them. New learning and confidence gained, will help individuals to become greater versions of themselves as people who have the potential to make an impact.

Places are limited. Please contact our Leadership Director to express an interest.

Gavin Murdoch -